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"Experiences that are talked about for years..."

"Over the past 25+ years my family and I have been lead on countless fishing excursions by the Maier’s. Whether on Lake Michigan, Green Bay or the smallest steam, river or secluded pothole lake in the Wisconsin Northwood’s we have always had the types of experiences that are talked about for years.


Yes, we have caught several of our personal best fish on these trips. However, the most memorable part is what we learned, the sights we saw and the graciousness and care provided by our hosts. The complete experience."

Care and Willingness sets them apart...

"I know what you are thinking. Website looks impressive, packages sound fun, and pictures are great. How do I truly know what I will get?


Well, I can tell you after having been on countless fishing excursions with the Maier’s over the past 25+ years that what you read and see on the website is a fraction of what you will experience.


The care they take to cater to their guests and willingness to go the extra mile to make it memorable are what sets them apart from others. Whether you’re an experienced angler, novice, a family or any combination you will not be disappointed. Enjoy the fish face!"

"Truly get the sense that you are in the wild..."

"I’m a big fan of the Lewis and Clark Special. Some of my most memorable fishing outings are the ones that require the most effort and have the maximum unknowns.


Fishing water with no signs of other people you truly get the sense that you are in the wild and off the grid. What may seem like “too much work” to most seems to be ideal for the Maier’s.


Having been on several of these excursions I can tell you it’s worth way more than any amount of effort you put in. Cooperative fish are abundant and the quality of fish is impressive."

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