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Fish On!


This trip is all about catching fish.  Depending on species and time of year, along with your angling goals and abilities, we will spend 8 hours hitting the best spots and looking for as much action as possible.  


It may combine small lakes and rivers, and may target individual species or a mixed bag.  We will most likely use a variety of techniques throughout the day. This trip is for that adult or child who can’t possibly get enough time fishing while they are up north on vacation!

River Rat


We will spend the day on the river.  Depending on time of year and water flow, we will take every opportunity to get off the main channel of the river.  We will explore feeder streams, swamps, beaver ponds, etc.  The focus can be on wildlife viewing, photography, fishing etc.  You can decide! 


We will get to places that most people would just float by and not think twice about going into.  This trip can provide some great photo opportunities and phenomenal fishing.

Lazy Day


Pretty much what is says!  We will hike or canoe to a remote area and look for opportunities to relax and take in the sights, sounds, and smells of the Northwoods.  If you want to swim, berry pick, or swing in a hammock we will find a secluded spot.  If you want to fish, we can do that in a simpler more relaxing pace.  


We will bring a great lunch for this trip, which you can help customize in advance.  This trip is highly recommended for couples, small families, and anyone that wants to slow down and enjoy nature!

Woods and Water


The Chequameon has many hidden lake gems that offer outstanding fishing, sightseeing and exploring.  The only issue is they may be tucked away in fairly remote places, which ultimately is a good thing for us. 


These lakes do not contain boat landings and quite often require some bushwhacking to find them.  Trips for Musky, LM and SM Bass, Northerns, or Panfish can be arranged.  Often times we can target multiple species and many times have the ability to cover the entire lake in a day…They have to be hanging out somewhere, and we’ll find them.  

The Lewis and Clark Special
(Ask about a Discount!)


Well, I am quite sure Brenda and I will never be able to fish and explore all available water in my lifetime.  There is so much to explore, figure out, pattern, and document that we always welcome the opportunity to take a day and explore new territory. 


So, come along on this adventure.  We'll find a lake that I don’t know much about, and learn it together using a variety of techniques.  We will use compasses, maps, and GPS to map out some areas and take plenty of notes to see if there is a possibility of setting these areas up for later trips with clients.  


Family Nature Getaway 

Drop the basketball, ditch the phones, and gear up for a nature getaway that focuses on family. Experience nature at its best, together. Fish, swim, hike, canoe, and bring the pooch too... 


We do the work, you create the memories. Make it a day, or even a weekend. 

Good food and lots of laughs are a given. Six Flags has nothing on the Northwoods.


Contact us to discuss your up north adventure. 

Custom Experience

Do you want a mixture of the packages above? We want you to experience the Northwoods in a way that is just right for you.


Contact us, and we'll discuss the possibilities for your custom day!

Canoe Rental

 $20 per day if staying on Ghost Lake or $40 per day to take the canoe offsite.

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